26 October 2009

2009 CoC season finale

The last tournament this season is 2500 points. Im adding an additional squad of 10 Berzerkers with Land Raider transport. Some quick updates:
Side doors are good places for freehand work. I didnt have an idea of what to do here, I just started painting and this is what it became. Heres the finished product:
The unfocused blob in the foreground (thx cameraphone) is the cupola marine, modded to hold a severed head, as if pink and black wasnt scary enough. More pics of that when the modelling putty dries. Heres the whole army laid out, minus a squad of Berzerkers thats currently in pieces on my desk:

Coming up in the near future are a continuation of the Apocalypse league, a shot at the Siege of Vraks from the Forgeworld books, and a new Daemon Prince thats in the process of having new arms sculpted. Details later~