05 December 2011

On a personal note:

Regarding the whole Secret Weapon thing, I'm very humbled by being asked to join. Justin, Dave, and the team at Secret Weapon HQ were very cool about showing me around, demonstrating how they cast their products, new stuff on the horizon (BE EXCITED), and just making a fella feel welcome. In addition, to be on the same team with Mathieu and Les is like being in the company of giants - check out their websites if you haven't already. I think I'm a pretty good painter, but those guys blow me away. So thank you, I'm really looking forward to this.

Introducing Team Secret Weapon

Blatantly copied and pasted from the Secret Weapon miniatures blog:

After weeks of hints and rumors it is with great pleasure that I introduce the members of Team Secret Weapon.

Each member of Team Secret Weapon was a Secret Weapon customer before being asked to join and each will be representing the brand in their own way and in their own segment of the community. In keeping with the "hobby first" philosophy the members have full control over which models they paint and which products they use on their projects.

Every month the team members will bring you their latest project, a tutorial or a rambling non sequitur in some way related to the world of plastic army men.

Mathieu Fontaine - Team Painter
Mathieu has won nearly 30 awards now for his painting - including Golden Demons in the US, UK and France - and keeps a blog that includes his work, travels and thoughts on the hobby.

I first met Mathieu at one of his Masterclass sessions in Alamo, California. It was a crazy weekend filled with painting techniques I'd been trying to master for years. I'm still trying but I'm a lot closer to my goals thanks to Mathieu's help. He has since come to Sacramento to do a Secret Weapon sponsored Masterclass and has provided me with incredible feedback on our products.

Mathieu made the switch to Secret Weapon Weathering Pigments and you'll find them on several of his recent works - including a recent gold at MMSI - and does some incredible work with the crushed glass. He'll be bringing his "French style" to the team.

Lester Bursley - Team Painter
Les is the creative mind behind Awesome Paint Job and the creator of "Les' Washes" - the recipe that became the Secret Weapon Washes. He is a prolific painter and picked up his first Golden Demon, a gold in Warhammer Regiment, earlier this year.

Les creates AWESOME! tutorials covering everything from speed painting to airbrush techniques and will be bringing videos and articles to Team Secret Weapon so you can see how he uses his favorite Secret Weapon products.

Sirus Chappell - Team 40k Player
Sirus is a Sacramento local and FLGS employee. He keeps a blog, mostly so his mother can see his plastic army men, at disaffectedlibertine.blogspot.com where you'll find his Blood Angels, because he has a thing for noble self sacrifice, and his Emperors Children and has a thing for sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll.

Sirus played his first 40k tournament in 2003 and has been going strong since. He's a big fan of Secret Weapon products and was one of the first to really push me to make the products available wholesale.

Things to come....
This month the team will be making their introductions and giving you an idea of what they'll be bringing to the table in January. Stay tuned!

21 September 2011

Hi Mom!

A big robot. Its all metal and weighs about 10 pounds. Its supposed to look all beat up.

I'm still not expert at taking good pictures of these.

13 March 2011

Mark this day in history - Team Monkeyforce

Ok, you heard it here first. I am recording this for posterity so when I am famous I can go back and sue everyone who copies my fantastic idea. Apologies to those who have no idea what I am talking about (i.e. Mom and Dad).

2000 points of the new Grey Knights Codex

HQ - Inquisitor Coteaz

TROOPS - 6 of the following:
5 Jokaero Weaponsmiths in a Chimera

Spend the remaining 500 or so points on 2 TAGK squads, since the Inquisitorial Henchmen squads dont take up FOC slots.

Jokaero can fire a lascannons/multimelta/heavy flamers out the top hatch of the Chimera, so you have 6 squads of 5 lascannons = 30 lascannons per turn. Inquisitor Coteaz hides and laughs, and the TAGK stand around waiting for something to get close. Sure, youre terrible in melee but what could ever get close? I want my royalties, half for me and half for my good friend and partner in crime, Jeff Beemer.