27 November 2009

2010 Tournament Circuit

GW has posted a listing of all the tournaments included in the 2010 Circuit. The goal is the 2011 invite-only Vegas GT. I strongly encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity, as it really seems like the GW GT scene has a hard time getting off the ground.

23 November 2009

2009 CoC Champion!

So I won the 2009 40k tourney season at the store. The final tournament was 2500 points and although I did not win the final installment, I won Best Painted (woo!) and had enough of a lead in the overall standings to still take home the title. That makes 3 for me, in '05, '06, and '09. Ill be back to defend my title starting January 2010, and I plan on documenting the games and breaking down what happened.

Heres a pic I took in my second game. My Daemon Prince is sitting center, locked in melee with two armless dreadnoughts haha. Took her 8 combat rounds to finish them both off but it saved her from being cooked by the Deathwing return fire. Respect to Tim Trammel for a good game and a hearty 'Curse you!' for beating me by 1 vote for Players Choice. Damn Imperials! ;)