17 June 2009

Go With the Flow

I have much work ahead of me.

Im working on an Ork Warboss on a bike, a Nurgle/Blood Angel dreadnought, Ryan's Salamanders, and Titan/Sean is meeting me on Friday to talk about a project he wants to me do for him, plus finishing 10 stormtroopers and a rhino for Tom. This is all separate from the models I need to paint for my own army for the CoC, which at this point looks like another 5 or 6 plague marines and a Rhino. Pics coming when I dig myself out of the hole. I also have Thom's (separate from stormtrooper Tom) insane quartered scout army sometime in the future, which will be a real bitch to paint. Even thought I rail against unrestricted capitalism Im thankful we live in a society where harder work equals more pay, because that stack of cash will be the only thing that soothes me while I paint 60 scouts in medieval heraldry. For now I will simply state the mercenary's credo: "No job too small, no fee too big".

To keep you entertained, heres one of my favorite videos.
'Go With The Flow' by Queens of the Stone Age

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