07 July 2009

The Tale of 12 Gamers

July 12th marks the start of The Tale of 12 Gamers, a painting/modelling class intended to take the participants through all the stages of constructing, modelling, and painting a 1750 point 40k army. It will be held at Great Escape Games in Sacramento and captained by local brush jockey Ananda Sisk. I will be participating in this event and I have chosen to build a Space Marine army. I am leaning toward Salamanders, only because Space Wolves are still in the works and I dont want to build an army only to see new models appear when they are released later this year.

My tenative army list contains:
  • Vulkan - the centerpiece. He's pretty.
  • A Terminator Chaplain. My initial HQ choice and a solid model in terms of gameplay and appearance.
  • 5 Assault Terminators, with Forge World shoulder pads and maybe greenstuff cloaks.
  • A Land Raider Redeemer. Forge World doors and custom flames let the Terminators and their Chaplain ride in style.
  • 3 10 man Tactical Squads in Rhinos. A mix of meltas and flamers for theme and more Forge World doors for their rides.
  • 5 Sternguard and a Razorback. They'll serve as Vulkan's posse.
  • 2 Attack Bikes with multimeltas - more theme! Fire good!

The Tale of 12 Gamers will focus on more than just basics. We'll be learning how to sculpt green stuff, how to make effective conversions, how to paint more than simply 'tournament standard' 3 color models, basing techniques, you name it. The gamers range from brand new players to veterans of Grand Tournaments, so we will be sharing tips and wisdom and hopefully elevating everyone's hobby experience. We'll be working in 250 point stages, so I'll include pics as we go and hopefully I'll be able to document each step of the way, showing how I did it and why I made the decisions I did along the way. I am going into this intending to sell the army after I am done with it (my Blood Angels are grumbling jealously about my infidelity) but who knows, you might see me in Vegas 2010 with a horde of green power armor.

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