31 January 2012

The CoC and a very busy January

Everybody loves pink and freehand. Hello from 2004!

WOW its Tuesday morning and I think I am still tired from the CoC on Saturday. I wanted to give huge thanks to everyone who showed up, Ive gotten a ton of positive feedback and god damn it feels good to hear it. I didnt know how well things would go over; this is the first tournament of the new season and there have been some (relatively) major changes. I wrote the missions about 6 different times, trying to get them just right - we still have some tweaks here and there but at least a dozen people have told me they really liked them. THANK YOU ALL.

My one regret from Saturday is that I didnt get to be involved in the actual tournament itself - I got about 4 hours of sleep the night before, so I started off dead tired. With 90 ppl to judge I had to start doing paint scores straightaway, then the first round was ending and I was swamped with results and holy hell I dont want to make a mistake with those. Then the second round started and I had to enter comp results, and finish paint, and the break between the second and third rounds is only supposed to be 15 minutes or so which is nowhere near enough time to enter the results from 90 ppl, then I had to finish paint scoring and get everything ready for the prize ceremony...I never really got a chance to look at armies, watch some games, talk to people, none of that stuff. All in all I had a great day, even though I was snapping at people who wanted to chit chat while Im sitting behind a mountain of paperwork (seriously dude, I am busy. Leave me alone!), and the one guy whose face I recognize but name I dont remember (sorry!) asking me why I dont play in the tournaments (I run them now, duh), didnt I win one once (3 of them, first back to back season winner, first 3 time winner, thankyouverymuch), and was I working on an army at the moment - the look on my face when he asked me that was accurately described as the "death stare". But all in all a good time. Looking forward to reading Reece's recap on Frontline Gaming, Doug and Mike's on Wolf Bros, and maybe even getting my post to Justin for Secret Weapon (I am so so so so sorry its taking this long). January has been crazy busy, trying to jump start the online store single handedly, working on 2 separate gaming systems, trying to have a life outside the shop [i dont], and working in an hour of sleep when I can. Look for me at the Bay Area Open in about a month!


  1. You did a great job man thanks for running the event. Only complaint is to make the third objective worth somehting. Other than that awesome stuff. One other thing I had heard that some people only got to turn 4 in their first games (me included) because their opponents were taking really long turns. So without getting your sport tanked no one really said anything. The guys taking their sweet ass time were all hanging out together, and we thought that odd seeing ass all of them happened to do it in the first round. Oh well just bringing it up don't trip over it, but if you have thoughts respond. I know you were swamped with all kinds of stuff, and were in a bad mood that is why we never brought it up. Nice rhino by the way man. Beautiful!

  2. It was a great Event man, keep up the hard work!

  3. Great Tourney! Can't wait to see your work at BAOGT.

  4. Can a brother get an award for lowest sportsmanship? jeez, everyone's so sensitive..