08 July 2009


Our Apocalypse league started last month. Hosted at Great Escape Games, it is part of Games Workshop's Lucky 13s campaign. We started off at 3000 points a person with 2 tables - one with IG and Marines vs Orks, Chaos, and some Tyranids and another with Eldar and Inquisition forces against more Chaos. As in any good Apocalypse game, there were plenty of superheavy units on each table: a Chaos Warhound, an Eldar Revenant, Ork battlefortresses, an Ultramarine Thunderhawk, an Eldar Vampire and Mk. I Scorpion, and no less than 5 Baneblades. See for yourself...

This is a shot of the orks and chaos setting up opposite our Imperial forces. They attacked along a wide front, and their objective building was dead in the center surrounded by a minefield. We initially left the building empty, and had a few squads of Terminators teleport in. They held against multiple broods of Genestealers and a horde of Ork Boys, thanks to a few well placed shots from the Thunderhawk and Imperial artillery batteries.

This is my army, the Kreig 194th Armored Cavalry. For the record thats a Baneblade, 2 Basilisks, 2 Vanquishers, a Laser Destroyer, 4 Leman Russ MBTs, 2 Hellhounds, an Exterminator, a twin heavy flamer Chimera with 6 Ogryn inside, a Medusa, and 3 scout Sentinels with multilasers. It was my job to clear the field near our right side objective and start rolling the flank.

This is me clearing the field near our right side objective and beginning to roll the flank. =) I was lined up with Mike's IG army, which had 2 Baneblades of its own. An obscene amount of firepower when all the ordnance went off. The highlight of my game was the 3 Sentinels screening the end of our line (visible in the foreground) against 2 Carnifexes outfitted for melee. I was charged at the top of turn 2 and still had a Sentinel left at the end of 5 combat rounds. If you've ever used Sentinels, you know they usually do more damage when they explode than they actually do when fighting so this was quite an accomplishment.

A shot of the action. The Laser Destroyer (in grey) positions itself for a shot at a Battlefortress as Jeremy's marines swarm on around it. His Mortis Dreadnought with twin autocannon arms, one of my favorite models, was standing on a hill blazing away as wave after wave of gaunts assaulted the incoming Imperial forces.

All in all a good time. We have the next megabattle on 18 July, Ill be bringing a pair of superheavies (a Stormblade and a Stormsword) along with the usual assortment of tanks and mechanised infantry.

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