17 July 2009


Ork Warboss on a Bike, a commission for Ed Allen. Resin original from Forge World. No conversions wanted or needed. A very big model. Took awhile to get all the metal appropriately rusty/dirty and still make the colors pop. Im also super proud of the checkerboard on the right rear fender, right dakkagun, and left shoulderpad. Blended up from Fortress Grey and all freehand!

Shot from another angle.

Daemon Prince for Ryan McCall, about 18 months old now. Converted the right hand from generic sword (yawn) to elite crab claw (pinch) and the head from boring normal daemon head (zzZZzz) to snake/leech thingy (it sucks in a good way!). Slapped some wings on his back, added some modelling putty, and off he went. This is just a rumor, but I dont think Ryan has lost a game since he started using this model. Coincidence???

More daemon prince.

I need a better way to take pictures, a proper lamp and backdrop would do the trick but the camera software does a good job of compensating. I'll work on that. Also, the Tale of 12 Gamers was last Sunday, Ill post pics when I have some progress. My Chaplain is finished but he has no base and I have been busy getting the Ork Warboss finished and prepping for this weekend's Apocalypse throwdown.

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